“The unchanging truth and irreversible reality of love always being present in every moment.”

This is the strength that keeps us. This awareness of love never leaving us behind or moving too far ahead of where we will always be. As life unfolds, joy unfolds right along with it. The little things we find sacred are the pieces of Heaven intentionally given for us to never lose sight of eternity at hand. What is eternity we ask?

It is joy.

It is the unending experience of being filled and sustained by the fullest love. Even when life takes its sharpest turns and steepest falls, joy remains present through it all. Our connections with one another are the evidences of joy’s constant reminder: I am always with you. This is why an open heart will always be filled with the wonder of seeing life beyond as it currently is in the moment. 

We have this idea that leaving what we have always known behind includes leaving love itself behind. But, this is the most impossible truth we could ever believe. Home is always the place where we instill what we’ve known into the unknown. Though we start life as partakers and receivers of what has been built before us. The part of life that defines us most is the choice made to become the builder and giver of what we are filled with. 

Joy reminds us: “That which I have done before and found love in, I can do again.” Many of us have denounced and rejected the thought of ever repeating the many things we have failed. The disappointment and heartbreak of experiences coming to an end have shut the door to our once open heart. But, when fear becomes the new tenant within, we begin to compare all new things to the old only to cling to our “never again” instead of the “never before”. 

What fear doesn’t have the power to do is receive love. We cannot receive behind a closed door and we cannot sustain what we keep hidden within our closed space. Where entrapment is the expression of the closed heart, freedom is the expression of the open. As long as we remain closed, we will always be the only suppliers to keep love in as it runs out. We were made to experience love outside of ourselves to keep love overflowing within.


The collector of the broken-hearted, the defender of the unable, the increaser of the not enough. Without joy, the weight of our world is left to carry on our shoulders. With joy, the only thing we hold in our arms is joy. Joy is the strength that carries not just us, but our world that comes with us. 

Safety has never felt so secure with joy always being on our side.