What if we could enter the heart of our Creator only to discover His house hidden inside? What undeniable realities would we find behind the doors that lead us into the encounter of Perfect Love? When we invite God into our heart, He invites us into His. 

In the presence of our doubt, He demonstrates His pleasure to want us more than we desperately need Him. The moment we are won over by the beauty of Jesus we are led into the fascination of His reality.

Where Love dwells. Romance explores. 

Come. Your Tour Awaits.


A F T E R : : : C H A S E

The human exchange of love is not powerful enough to create salvation. Only our exchange with the Divine can do that. For us to give love away, we must discover Him first. Without our unending chase to find our Creator who introduces us to our Savior, our quest to find love in another will never satisfy. He is the One and only who leads us to our one and only.

Now that I have found Him, I can find you.




It is not enough to just know God. It is everything to love Him. In the Garden, where we first walked with Him is where we finally return. The place where we first rejected the very heart we now call home again. His heart.

This 8 day devotional will draw you deeper and further into the heart of God. His expression of love becomes our prayer language that allures us into the fullness of His Presence. It all starts with our repentance that leads us into a divine romance with our Redeemer. Jesus.

This is our return to love. Let our abiding begin.


When Jesus becomes our only pursuit, close just never seems close enough. We're no longer left satisfied with a whisper. It is His face we long to see. As we draw near, our imperfect hearts expose all that consumes the space reserved for our King's unveiling. 

This 7 day devotional is the walkway down the narrow path that leads us to the love we must never live without. From distant to delight, becoming one with Jesus is the only thing worth chasing after. 

Draw Near. To see His face.